At Portocargo, we take logistics to the next level by offering multimodal services that transcend borders and modes of transportation.
Our integrated approach allows us to effectively combine sea, road and air transport to create customized logistics solutions that meet the complex needs of our customers.


Versatility of routes and modes

With a global network of partners and comprehensive resources, Portocargo offers a unique versatility of routes and modes of transportation. Regardless of origin and destination, we create tailor-made solutions that combine different modalities to optimize time, cost and efficiency.


Supply Chain Optimization

Our multimodal approach goes beyond transport, extending to supply chain optimization. We harmoniously coordinate transitions between modes of transport, ensuring continuous fluidity and minimizing possible interruptions, resulting in more efficient logistics operations.


Customized Solutions for Complex Needs

We understand that each load is unique and presents specific challenges. With our multimodal service, we tailor transport solutions to meet the complex needs of your cargo, providing a personalized approach that exceeds expectations.

Logistical efficiency

Operational resilience

Cost savings


Opt for Portocargo's multimodal service for efficient and integrated global logistics. We are committed to unlocking connections around the world, offering solutions tailored to your most demanding logistics needs.