Portocargo delivers more than transport services - we provide a comprehensive logistics solution, integrating several key supply chain operations. From shipping, warehousing, labelling to pick and pack and distribution, we handle every step to ensure efficient and stress-free management.

Customs Formalities


Providing and managing strategic storage facilities for your goods, guaranteeing security and rigour while preparing for the next step in the supply chain.



We implement accurate labelling systems, ensuring that goods are clearly and efficiently tagged throughout the logistics proccess.



To ease handling and shipping, we offer palletising services, arranging and structuring goods on standardised pallets.


Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack operations, sorting and preparing products according to orders, to guarantee precision and speed in the dispatch process.

Our capacity to integrate these services allows us to be the ideal partner for companies looking to centre their efforts on the core of their business. By outsourcing to Portocargo, Organisations can rely on our experience and extensive resources, ensuring that they can focus on the essentials, while we take care of all the logistical details.

Customs warehouses in Porto (Leixões) and Lisbon for handling all types of cargo.

ARM Porto

16 500 m2

ARM16 Lisboa

7 950 m2

  • Security 24/7
  • Surveillance CCTV
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Security Alarm
  • Program Compliance C-TPAT

Operational efficiency

Cost reduction

Focus on your core business

Logistics and Distribution

With an ongoing commitment to excellence and a customised approach, we stand out as a valuable extension of our clients, not only delivering services, but also a partnership that drives growth and operational efficiency.