At Portocargo, our dedication goes beyond the transportation and includes the complexities associated with customs formalities and the security of your goods. We offer specialized services, supported by credible and personalized technicians based at the various points where Portocargo operates.

Logística e Distribuição

Customs Formalities

With specialized technicians in various strategic locations, we guarantee the efficient execution of all legal services related to customs formalities. This personalized approach ensures that your cargo is processed without hindrance, complying with all legal and regulatory requirements in each location where Portocargo is based.


Transport Insurance

We understand that the safety of your cargo is a priority, which is why we offer comprehensive transport insurance solutions. We work with renowned insurers to customize coverage that meets the specifics of your cargo, providing peace of mind throughout the journey, from origin to final destination.

Customized Protection

Partnership with reputable insurers


Portocargo - Customs Formalities/Formalidades de Alfândega

Opting for our customs formalities and transport insurance services means choosing a complete, customer-oriented approach.