At Portocargo, we take air cargo transport to a higher level, offering agile and efficient solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

Working in partnership with the most reliable and recognized airlines, we guarantee complete management and punctual delivery of your cargo, strictly respecting deadlines and merchandise specifications.

Air Freight

Commitment to Efficiency

Portocargo is committed to providing an air transportation experience that is synonymous with efficiency. By working closely with leading airlines, we ensure the swift and safe movement of your cargo, guaranteeing its integrity and delivery to its final destination.


Strategic Partnerships

As an IATA (International Air Transport Association) Agent and ANAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) Recognized Agent, Portocargo has established itself as a strategic partner in the air cargo sector. These certifications highlight our dedication to excellence, allowing us to offer proven quality services in accordance with the highest international standards.


Competitividade de Preços

At Portocargo, we recognize the importance of price competitiveness in the global business environment. By optimizing our operations and maintaining solid partnerships, we are able to offer air cargo services at competitive prices, allowing our clients to achieve economic efficiency in their logistics operations.


Deadline reliability


Air Freight

Choose Portocargo Air Freight for a fast, safe and efficient transportation experience. We fly beyond expectations, ensuring that your cargo reaches its intended destination on time, without compromising the integrity and quality of the service. Rely on our experience and commitment to boost the success of your air shipments.